As many others, they met in high school. After a few replacements, the present line-up was formed when singer Jakob Søe Jensen joined in 1995. They practiced over and over again, played some gigs and competed at the “DM I Rock” (the national Danish rock-championship) in 1998 where they made it to the quarterfinals, before they were beaten by a very narrow vote by the later winners. Shortly after, however, they chose to put the band on hold – other experiences had to be made individually by the four guys…

After a 4-year break – in the summer of 2001 – they joined again, now in their early 20’s and more serious than ever. As so often in all aspects of life, chance had a very large part to play in what had to come. They got connected to an investor who opened up for new opportunities. With a considerable amount of financial help as well as personal assistance from a whole lot of people, Framecode is now at a turning point of their musical career. Six songs have been recorded and produced at Granny Studio, Copenhagen and a video has been made. Approximately 10 other songs are ready to be recorded and the number is steadily increasing. Through this working process, a very close relationship has evolved between Framecode and their investor Henrik Møllgaard BdN, and so he now acts as their manager. All members of the band, as well as everybody surrounding them agree that Framecode is approaching a very exciting future!

All songs, including music and lyrics, are made entirely by Framecode; they have their own, unique sound based on empathy, intensity, affliction and coherence, with profound and relevant lyrics about universal sentiments and situations; TALES OF A LIFETIME!

  Fragments of lyrics:        
    Jesper Jørgsholm [Bas + vocals]  
    Tue Aabo Jensen [Lead guitar + vocals]  
    Thomas Michelsen [Drums  
    Jakob Søe Jensen [Lead vokal + guitar]  
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