What started as a hobby and an interest became hopes and dreams and finally evolved to a struggle to achieve the common goal; a record deal and the opportunity to be able to live by the one thing that means the most: To create, develop and play music.

The path has been long, wearing and filled with ups and downs in the shape of endless favourable indications and “almost there” situations but nobody had the courage or nerve to take the final step and publish the band up until now. Thank God for this one could say for Framecode has been strengthened by this long process. Giving up has never been an issue and an enormous progress has been made both mentally and musically and as the opposition continued to grow so did the stubbornness and will to fight. Today all this hard work and dedication is finally beginning to pay off.

Framecodes music has numerous sources of inspiration. One would like to think the music is unique but of course parallels can always be drawn All four members of the band have different musical bearings and preferences but an agreement has been made to meet at the centre of the rock genre. Examples are; U2, Creed, Live, Radiohead, Coldplay, Travis og Pearl Jam.

An unusual thing in the making of tracks by Framecode is that they create the music first alongside with the vocal but the lyrics for the track are not written until after an unspecified amount of time when the perfect sentiment and feeling relating deeper to the track has evolved. This ensures that all parts fit as well as possible making the track coherent. All lyrics are relevant and based on thoughts, experiences and opinions. The lyrics are not written out of necessity; they state something! The first single “Who Says I'm Right” is meant as a wake-up call to those people who live in a hopeless and/or unequal relationship to either do something about it and move on or stop complaining. Another track; “I Said it All” is about the ultimate lost love; to possibly have let go of the one and only wishing for more. There is a meaning and moral in all the lyrics and the sentiment of the music is marked by this.

The creativity and love for the music is endless. The first single “Who Says I'm Right” certainly promises what can be expected from their debut album. The single is written by Framecode, produced alongside with John Fomsgaard and post- produced by Chief1. The album lands in the end of February 2005.

The boys have allied themselves with the independent STAMP Music & Publishing functioning as label, publisher and management. Promotion is handled by the equally independent Remote Music.

    Jesper Jørgsholm [Bas + vocals]  
    Thomas Michelsen [Drums  
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